In recent years, full-anatomical ceramic restorations produced with the stain & glaze technique have become very popular. This method is obviously a perfect way to avoid chipping and increase restoration strength, which is extremely important for posterior teeth and cases where functional features are essential.

But what about the patients with high aesthetic expectations? Not all of them are ready to accept stained & glazed restorations in the aesthetic area though contemporary 3D stains ensure excellent results.

We use the stratification approach for such clinical cases in Yamamoto Lab | Dental Atelier - a complete layer-by-layer porcelain application. It is difficult and time-consuming, it requires a highly qualified dental technician, but it is the only way to achieve a beautiful, natural-looking restoration. Stratification makes it possible to reproduce the internal tooth structure, all its layers with different levels of transparency and saturation.

This is the philosophy of Bio-Emulation that we adhere to.
Teeth shade taking, brightness, and chroma evaluation have always been purely subjective process. The light intensity, the environment, and many other factors affected the assessment of color. Especially for single restorations, the crown's color often did not match the neighboring teeth, and, accordingly, corrections or even alterations were required.

In Yamamoto Lab | Dental Atelier, we work with eLAB - a digital protocol for teeth color shade taking and reproduction. This approach allows to try-in the restoration digitally without calling a patient, thus saving precious time and eliminating remakes. Even the most complicated cases can be finished without corrections with a powerful eLAB protocol!
Modern dental restorations production methods are highly accurate, but manual adjustments under a microscope are still needed to achieve a perfect fit. After all, even the slightest inaccuracies in restoration fit can cause serious consequences - micro-leaking, secondary caries under restoration, debonding, or even more significant problems. Also, an essential factor on the way to the accuracy of the restoration is the careful fine-tuning of occlusal and interproximal contacts.

In Yamamoto Lab | Dental Atelier, exceptional attention is given to precision. We spend hours manually finishing and polishing the restoration surfaces using magnification to attain maximum accuracy.
Smooth plain surface or emphasized ridges. Perikimata and enamel growth lines. Anatomically correct palatal surface. All these morphological features are crucial for restoration aesthetics.

For elderly patients, a noticeable macrostructure is not required, but at the same time, it is a characteristic of young people. But there are no same rules to be applied in every clinical case - every time, this is an individual creation.

Surface finishing with multiple manual polishing steps to provide a natural shine. Not just simple glazing. Our patients expect the natural appearance of the restoration!

Here, at Yamamoto Lab | Dental Atelier, we are not quantity-oriented. The priority is quality, and therefore we are ready to pay attention to those factors that many do not consider significant. That is why we focus on the surface details. We believe the surface is a key factor in restoration success.
A unique feature of Yamamoto Lab | Dental Atelier is our work system. It is based on direct communication between technicians and dentists - close and honest. Because we trust that communication is the way to success, the key to complete understanding, and, consequently, to the quality of the restoration where the joint efforts were put.

The laboratory manager performs administrative functions and handles shipping and financial questions, but all the nuances of clinical cases are discussed directly by the team involved. We are not afraid of direct contact between the dental technician and the dentist. We trust people and want them to be focused on the case.

At the same time, lab management does everything possible to make the cooperation with dentists the most effective and to guarantee delivery of work on time and with the highest quality.

It is comfortable to work with us!
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